Deus Ex 3: HR (High Requirements)

To clarify what i said in previous post, Deus Ex 3 is the first and only game I’m playing at 1680×1050 with no AA since i bought my Dell M1730, I usually play at 1920×1200. I never care about good graphics (i have a console too!), but this game is really resource demanding for what it offers. Probably turning on SLI will solve this problem, but why a single GeForce8800M GTX can’t play it well remains a mystery.

Even with those 360/ps3 like graphics, I think this is a really awesome game.

Personal Life

Going to Canary Islands

Yeah, this blog is kinda dead, I will post something most people will probably don’t care about.

I’m going to Canary Islands (link to google maps) and I will be there for the next 10 days.


Personal Life


“Muu?! I have a present for you!”

My girlfriend usually makes a lot of presents to me, there’s nothing strange. She gave me this box:

I opened it and it was completely empty.

“The present is the box!”