Why can’t people drop the call?

This is the average call I keep getting today. The smiley represents my true facial expression during the call.

“Happy birthday!”
“Thanks” 🙂
“No problem, happy birthday again!”
“Thanks again” 😐
“How many?”
“Twenty four”
“Happy birthday!”
“Thanks” :/
“So, how’s going?”
“Happy Birthday!”
“…” -.-‘

It’s still morning and I wasted something like two hours just hearing the same story all over again.
For my next birthday I have to remember to turn off my phone, quit Skype and possibly break my home bell push.

Thanks to everyone who just sent me a mail or a quick message.


F*ck DRM!

No, I’m not talking about Sim City 5. Everyone know that EA’s DRM systems fail everytime.

This time I’m talking about Max Payne 3. I bought and downloaded it during this weekend sale and only to know that Steam had no more cd keys and the game could not be launched. Today the game finally starts from Steam but, once logged in Rockstar mandatory crap social network I can’t activate my copy because their license servers failed. I’m usually ok with DRMs, online activations and such, but when those system fail its a huge unnecessary annoyance.

The next time I buy a game, I will then download it from the bay to enjoy a DRM-free experience.


Make clean readable code…

…and, in case you can’t, comment it well.

Just a quick note for myself. I was reading an old code I used in a prototype, I know what the script does but I really cannot figure how to actually use it in my new game, how it does what it does or how I could improve it. I guess I’ll have to waste time by building again the same stuff, perhaps this time with a cleaner code and comments explaining stuff.