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Unity3D 2D Tools

I’ve completed a bunch of tools for drawing sprites from 2D tiled sheets. This is a cheap toolset (roughly 300 lines of code) and I’m sure there are better ones around, but I find it pretty fast to use in my projects and I will probably use it in my smallest 2D projects. This tool supports pixel perfect sprites and dynamic batching from sprites coming from the same spritesheet.

My tools are licensed under BDS-3 Clause and can be used freely for both free and commercial projects.

You can clone it from BitBucket or GitHub

Or you can download it here:
2DTools (2108 downloads )

Look next page for old versions:

By Andrea Giorgio "Muu?" Cerioli

Italian developer, designer, maker who loves everything in technology: mechanics, electronics, IT, 3D printing.

2 replies on “Unity3D 2D Tools”

I tried to add UVSprite to my objects, but I get this error at runtime:
Mesh.uv is out of bounds. The supplied array needs to be the same size as the Mesh.vertices array.
I tried with both planes and cubes.

Oh, I forgot to add to readme the part about creating a quad. I’ve updated it right now.
You can create a quad object by selecting from menu GameObject -> Create Other -> Create Quad or by pressing CTLR+Q. This will create a simple 4 vertex plane, then add UVSprite and proceed with the rest of instructions. See examples in example scene, they should give you an idea on how a sprited object should look. 😉

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