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Reading white text on black background

This will be a quick post.
If you, like me, really can’t read white text on black background (or can’t read purple on slighty darker glittering purple. Yes, I’m talking to you, MySpace nostalgic!) I have a quick solution for you: don’t and avoid headaches . If a site has a crap color setting, you probably can find the same copy-pasted content on other sites. If can’t find the same content on properly colored sites, use the awesome Web Developer Toolbar, available for both Firefox and Chrome (Opera too, in case your are looking for other NON-IE alternatives 🙂 ).

Once this plugin is installed and activated a new toolbar will appear. From there open the Disable menu and activate the Disable Page Colors option. Et voilà! Everything will transform into a bland black text on white background. Don’t let a bad developer decision turn you down on content!

By Andrea Giorgio "Muu?" Cerioli

Italian dad, developer, designer, maker who loves everything in technology: AI, mechanics, electronics, IT, 3D printing.

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