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Trolling people with my 3D printer

Little warning: this post is NSFW and offer no useful information.

You know what? I hate always serious people, the ones that never ever have fun. When people ask why do I own a 3D print I usually reply with “to print dicks“, most people think I’m making a bad joke, some raise eyebrows, one Karen straight up insulted me for my immaturity. Most of these people usually follow up with the request “you should print me something!” and get extra offended when I have the arrogance to ask for money, like 2-5€, for material and electricity.

In one particular occasion before last Christmas I started trolling a friend and told him I’m a Custom Sex Toy Designer, I told him I could print a small dick with his name on it. I was so amused with this result and printed a bunch of them for many friends and colleagues.

Everybody loves those!

I rolled with this kind trolling until it got too big to quit and some people asked “so, what kind of custom do you create?” and I really didn’t have an answer. I had to deliver a product, something that looked professional.
Amazon gave me an idea when I saw a good offer for blue glow in the dark PLA, but a glow in the dark penis is nothing more than a regular one.

The real idea came when I heard a colleague talking about how much he loves Napoli’s football team, he wanted a tattoo with the team logo, I had a much better idea: A butt plug with that logo on the flared end.

A couple minutes on Inkscape to draw a realistic profile, some more minutes on OpenSCAD to extrude my design and imprint the logo’s N (found for free on thingiverse), 3 hours of printing and some shitty ad made with my phone and I got my fake product.

Translations: “For real fans only!!!” and “*not for use


By Andrea Giorgio "Muu?" Cerioli

Italian dad, developer, designer, maker who loves everything in technology: AI, mechanics, electronics, IT, 3D printing.

One reply on “Trolling people with my 3D printer”

Thats great!! I think we have the same senso of humour. I designed a butt plug extruder.. Like what you’ve done but with shapes cut out through it like a star (churros) or a love heart.. “for that special someone in your life”… most people just dont get it.

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