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Counting Plastic Beads

Since I live under a rock, I get to know most of the cool stuff when it is out of fashion. This time my discovery is plastic beads.
I got them at Ikea and I’ve already made everyone else made before me, like Mario shrooms, a couple of PokeMon and PokeBalls, PacMan ghosts and the likes.

But after a while I was wondering how many of them I was using per image and came out with a simple command line tool, using it is simple as writing in you command line

beadscount.exe myimage.png
beadscount.exe "C:\Documents\whatever\myimage.png"

It will output a txt file named myimage.png.txt with a list of colors and how many beads you will need for each color.

You download it here:
beadscount (2307 downloads )
Or copy the C# source from pastebin here. (compile it under .NET or mono, both will work)