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Power Of The Power Of The Power (Of The AI)

Title citation is for connoisseurs.

While my last post about AI was a little too much sarcastic and apocalyptical, the previous one was entirely about AI art, which is something I find really really amuusing. The second “u” is not a typo 😉 .
The power of these generative AI is absolutely astounding and the open source community is amazing, relentlessly developing new stuff, training new datasets, moving way faster than I can keep up.

One amazing dude was into MLP and Furry stuff and made the best checkpoint for animal stuff. For people who know me since always, “Muu?” comes from my Diablo 2 time and it’s not meant as a furry related nick, but let’s be real, furries are ten steps ahead when it comes to anthropomorphic cows and bulls. In a few clicks you could make a good looking full avatar, see for yourself:

Remixed one pic from my wedding using Stable Diffusion, img2img and PonyDiffusion as checkpoint.
Here I tried making a Cow/Bull squared avatar, these are all the images I got with no filtering at all, minus a couple that made absolutely no sense. You can see for yourself that you without a specific style you get all grades of human <-> animal and a various grades of sfw <-> nsfw.

I have the luck to have a nick that overlaps with furries, but I bet you can find a checkpoint good at robots, anime, space, whatever you like

In the older post update I told you about Dreambooth training, now training goes through a technique called LoRA, which is beyond the scope of this post. Oh, to tell the truth this post has no scope at all, it’s one of my ramblings. What I really wanted to share was this pic:

Toy of myself

It’s a year old generation of myself, when I trained the older Stable Diffusion checkpoint with my pics using Dreambooth. It’s me, as an action figure, dressed like my wedding. The reason I used my wedding pics is because they were professionally taken, super high quality, I didn’t have grey hair and I was 20kg less. In this order I swear.

What I found amazing is that right now I could have a 3D model of this overall bad quality pic (512x512px) and have it in less than a minute.

I used a model called One-2-3-45++, there’s a demo hosted by the devs on with some free credits, I was able to generate this glb model:

The model is not super high definition (2000 faces/verts), but it can be converted to stl using any 3d editor like Blender and 3D printed on home printers.

Now, if there only was an affordable way to 3D print in full color…

By Andrea Giorgio "Muu?" Cerioli

Italian dad, developer, designer, maker who loves everything in technology: AI, mechanics, electronics, IT, 3D printing.

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