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AI Music (and video!)

🐮 Yo, ChatGPT, let’s make a song about Muu?, his non existent skills and his useless blog.
💻 Here’s a giant fucking roast. I hope you enjoy it

Then I take this roast, put it through Suno.AI and I ask for different genres.You can listen to two AIs roasting me in you favourite genre, you’ll see them listed as the genre I meant + the prompt i used on Suno.

Metal (constipated eurodance, 132bpm, 4/4 drums, yes constipated, using metal instruments)

EDM (futuristic trance edm, 89bpm, 4/4)

Hymn (solemn voice, national anthem, hymn) I couldn’t get this one to sing the second verse, so I ended up with “well Muu? Fuck you”)

Punk (fast hardcore punk)

Sea Shanty (Sea shanty, guzeng)

Elevator Jingle (Elevator Jingle) – (Bonus song, as I got two generations)

What a time we live in. Skill-less people like me can express their non creativity.

Bonus content: Another bonus song called “Vieni”, in Italian, you can listen to it here. Beware it was meant as a light double entendre on the “Jesus coming” thing, but my AI cowriter dediced it was cute to call Jesus “portatore di luce” (“light bringer”, aka Lucifer) and I realized after I completed it. I made it a little too much, uhm, indelicate for some people, listen at your own risk.

Extra bonus content:

Muu? by Muu?, in collaboration with ChatGPT for the lyrics, Suno for the music, Noisee for the video part.
ChatGPT for the lyrics, Suno for the music, Noisee for the video part, thumbnail made with Stable Diffusion + Canva

By Andrea Giorgio "Muu?" Cerioli

Italian dad, developer, designer, maker who loves everything in technology: AI, mechanics, electronics, IT, 3D printing.

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